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Snowfall - Cold Silence ................ check it out, guys !


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Amazing stuff !! Maybe THE MR/AOR release of 2013 !





01. Don't Drive Me Home Tonight

02. Citadel of Hope

03. House of Prayer

04. Heaven's Not Up There

05. Jack of Diamonds

06. Wolf's Lair

07. I Won't Be Lonely Anymore

08. Stampede

09. Oscillate

10. Alexandria

11. The Vesper Bell

12. The Chosen Few (bonus track)



Lee Small - Vocals

Tore Meli - Guitars

“PB” Riise - Bass, Keyboards

Perra Johnson - Drums

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Big call there, Bernd, but I agree, it's a pretty nice AOR disc. It's another good disc that suffers slightly at the hands of a few fillers, and therefore only scored a 70% rating from my pen. But I do like songs like 'Heaven's not up there,' 'I won't be lonely anymore,' 'Oscillate' and 'Alexandria.'


Am I right that this project is based on some of the guys from the band Winter Parade, who released a couple of good AOR discs themselves?

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Good stuff, but definitely ain't great. I counted only 3 songs that's worth around 8 to 8.5 which is the opening track, 'Don't Drive Me Home Tonight'; the second one is mid-paced track, 'Oscillate' with an awesome chorus; and the last one is the emotional ballad, 'The Vesper Bell'. The other tracks that has potential but probably scored around 7.75 are 'Heaven's Not Up There', 'Citadel of Pope', and 'I Won't Be Lonely Anymore'. Passable tracks are 'Jack of Diamonds' and 'Stampede'.


Production is 7.5, musicianship is also the same, nothing's outstanding, and I guess replay value is around 7/10. Overall, a good melodic rock disc but won't strike high to the top 20 area.



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