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Hey Geoff


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Geoff, it's not that I dont read your threads, it's that generally I dont have the time to comb through so many back posts to pick individual ones out, especially when I can just post a new one in 5 seconds and get a response quicker, so sorry if you have already discussed this, but are you familiar with the band Romeos Dead, CD being It's All Your Fault? if so let me know, or if not, then we can go from there, ok, plus, saw your ad, for your up coming video release, Take It Like A Man II Taken It Like A Man Down Under The Sydney Files, saw the promising reviews for it, I bet your very pleased and happy seeing you put so much energy and time into this particular flick? anyways respond fast.

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Nah mate, never heard this band/CD. You've mentioned it a few times and you even sent me an MP3 of one of their songs. I gotta be honest and say it didn't blow my sack at all, but if you reckon they're good I'll try the CD out if you can transmit it for me.


As for 'Take It Like A Man II Taken It Like A Man Down Under The Sydney Files' - it's one of my more intricate works. Because I kept it local I had to find men I had not had sex with, in Sydney. And let me tell you, ha... haha... uh, ha. That was not an easy feat. Let me tell you about a few words that just simply do not go well together. They're these:


I have not had sex with almost every man in Sydney.


Those words. Friend. They don't mix.

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Fuckin smart ass

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Here are my 3 favorites off of it, maybe you'll like them? maybe not?



Romeos Dead - Four



Romeos Dead - Broken Girl



Romeos Dead - Addict For Your Style


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