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.38 Special - Tour de Force

66 mustang

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Tracks 1. If I'd Been the One 3:54 2. Back Where You Belong 4:27 3. One Time For Old Times 4:31 4. See Me In Your Eyes 3:49 5. Twentieth Century Fox 3:44 6. Long Distance Affair 3:55 7. I Oughta Let Go 3:57 8. One of the Lonely Ones 4:00 9. Undercover Lover 4:12 Total Running Time: 36:29


This album shows the band moving way into the AOR format. Great album but it is a lot less Southern Rockin too. Don dominates the vocals on this album with Donnie getting 3 1/2 songs. the album is short and sweet. smooth hits and great album tracks. if you are not a fan of southern rock this is the album to get if you want to go past the hits packages. The band sounds just amazing on these 9 songs and it has one curve ball thrown in. everyone knows the hits, what else can you say about them but classic songs.


1. If I'd Been The One - I must admit that I love this song but have worn it out over time. none the less it does not take away from how great it is

2. Back Where You Belong - see the note for track #1

3. One Time For Old Times - LOVE LOVE this track. believe it or not this is a Van Zant led track. Van Zant going AOR. not the kind of subject matter you expect from DVZ. Love lost and the fire is still burning. you see that person and the fire gets stoked. just one more night. you still look the same. has anyone taken my place? will you come back to me? one time for old time.

4. See Me In Your Eyes - LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. again, love lost and longing for that love back. Fantastic track. all 4 opening tracks should have been hits. " i want to see me in your eyes tonight. I wanna talk it over and hear you tell me it's all right" I want to see me in your eyes tonight....

5. Twentieth Century Fox - Co-Lead vocals here again, ala wile eyed southern boy and rough housin'. concert fav and a fun rocker

6. Long Distance Affair - just signature .38 Special sound. nice rocker

7. I Oughta Let Go - this is the curve ball. If Van Zant went AOr on track 3 he goes 80's Country on this one. I love this song. could so see Restless Heart doing this.

8. One Of The Lonely Ones - again signature Don Barnes 38 Special kind of song. smooth radio friendly AOR song.

9. Undercover Lover - Van brings this album to a close in a signature Van Zant styled tune (could have been on Special Forces). Southern Rockin mid tempo tune that sets the groove early, complete with the female BGV's


What can I say, this was my first 38 Special album I bought and has remained a favorite of mine. the lyrics, the sound and the production. Rodney Mills does not get mentioned enough. He produced some fantastic albums




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This is by far my fav special release, I dont know if theres a more nerving song, If Id Been The One, what a writing job, how do you open yourself up that way? it gets my vote for one of the greatest most personal songs of all time

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