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So id imagine most of you has heard this band, as I just barely stumbled onto them, if by chance you haven't, I would like you to listen to the 2 tracks I selected and put on youtube, since nobody had put them on yet, I would like to hear what you all think of this band, and on top of that, please describe to me what kind of music you would classify this as? because where it is supposed to be some sort of nu-metal like shit, I might just have metal on the brain to much, but I shockingly picked up on an extremely direct 80's sounding hair metal band vibe, if not a str8 ahead power metal vibe, but it's so indirect at the same exact time it really left me thinking WHAT THE FUCK??? could a few of you just give me what you think these guys? Do you hear the 80s metal fling I felt listening to it? just give me your overall 2 cents. thanx


Like A Storm - Nothing Remains






Like A Storm - Love The Way You Hate



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Surprisingly good 2nd disc after their okay but average debut. Stefan and I briefly discussed this band in a hugely successful thread here:




I stay as far away from categorising stuff as I can these days and would just call it modern hard rock. Hard rock... whatever you want. But yeah, it's pretty damn good stuff for sure. I ended up giving it quite a favourable rating in 2012:


1. Six Feet Under - good modern hard rocker with a slight nu-metal vibe, but very good chorus - 7.50

2. Never Surrender - very nice, almost Disciple-esque tune - 8.75

3. Gangster’s Paradise - not a cool song to cover, but covered as well as can be in this instance - 7.00

4. Break Free - basically, this is a sensational modern rock ballad, put lightly - 9.50

5. Love The Way You Hate Me - another real nice, heavy modern rocker - 8.00

6. Southern Skies - great ballad - makes me want to hold hands with a NZ'er and dance - 8.00

7. Nothing Remains - another very good modern hard rocker - 8.00




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