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Hey Geoff, did you ever hear The Travoltas?


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Now this song is old, but I think it went grossly unnoticed, it's quit easily one of the catchiest songs in history, and if anyone who knows me, knows anything, I am a sucker for a catchy song, regardless the genre, it's really one of those things that boggles my mind, much like the whole Cauterize ordeal, how this song never found it's way onto the airwaves of American radio, because it really does clearly have American radio written all over it, but it didnt, and for that I am blessed, because It has been my little guilty pleasure, check it out, and if you already heard it, then fuck yourself, you will meet your doom, but really though, give it a listen, everybody, what do you think of this song?


Travoltas - Get Out Of My Car


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Definitely never heard of this in my life. What year was it recorded? Late 90's? It's pretty raw... have to admit I'm not a massive fan. Kinda catchy, but probably moreso for you if you've spent a long time with it in your life.


If you want to hear the catchiest song ever, try this one:




And if you truly want to hear your new favourite song ever, listen here. You will shoot jism through the window down the neighbourhood:



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