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Is eBay userID "egaylord68" someone here?

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Just got an eBay message from "egaylord68" asking "Is this dan."


It's a userID that has only existed since December 2012 and has a feedback score of 8. The thing that sets off alarm bells to me (beyond the username itself) is that out of 11 feedback comments this buyer has left for sellers, 3 are negative and 1 neutral. That just SCREAMS problem waiting to happen... not to mention that some of the feedback comments this person left look like the purchases were made solely for the purpose of leaving the seller negs.




I've blocked the buyer until I can find out who they actually are.



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Hmmm.. I've dealt with two of those that he left bad feeback for on a few occassions... Never had a problem with either of them. Does make you wonder.

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Hopefully no one we know over here. We don't need any pricks. Nuff said.

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I've bought from one of those sellers a few times ... no problems at all ... looks like they've got some issues!

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