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AOR - 'L.A. Temptation'


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Anyone check this out in 2012, or did they become the boy who cried wolf? If memory serves correctly, their previous releases have been pretty poor, very typical kind of old-school AOR in style - I think westcoast is the term? This one seems to be a little more "melodic rock" to my ears and not bad at all. The two tunes from Sabu are the best I've heard him sound since 1994, make of that what you will. James Christian's offering is better than anything on the last HOL disc, and it's nice to hear some Street Talk-esque tunes with Goran Edman on vocals.


Overall, I thought the main issue with this album is that almost every single song is over 5mins, and they don't need to be. It's just simple AOR and needn't exceed 4mins on any occasion, really. But aside from that, it's a damn consistent, solid CD. I threw it a 76% which I thought was quite friendly.


1. No Margin for Error

2. Above Suspicion

3. From L.A To Paris

4. A Heartbeat Away

5. Silent Victory

6. No One's Gonna Hurt Me Anymore

7. Second Chance At Love

8. Out On the Streets

9. Hold Back the Dawn

10. The Price To Pay

11. Outside Heaven

12. When Darkness Falls

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Not a bad album but not the best one released under the AOR banner. Some of the songs are good, but some filler too. about a 70 is a fair score I think.

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