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X UFO - Busted


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Most of 'em were 'Members' (cough cough) of U.F.O for about 5 mins and 2 secs in total . Danny Peyronel recorded one album as Keys player (No Heavy Petting) back in the mid 70's and Archer and Edwards one album (High Stakes For Dangerous Men) as Guitarist/ Drummer respectively. I have as many credentials as this lot, as I've met Pete Way on a few ocassions and have him on my FB page, so maybe if the bass player job in X UFO becomes vacant I should apply for the post - :whistle:.. My mates band played with them at a festival over the summer and they were terrible live evidently. Go see the real U.F.O while you still have the chance





Laurence Archer[

Danny Payronel

Rocky Newton

Clive Edwardss

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