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hey everyone,


I've come accross some old school obscures videos of Blue Tears live in concerts & a couple of bands that featured the guys guys in Blue Tears.



Blue Tears .. live..




Sahara Feat all the guys in Blue Tears









Non Stop featuring al the guys in Blue Tears before the band because Sahara




Non Stop feat Greg Fulkson


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Is there a chance those Nonstop recordings will ever see the light of day? Are there studio versions ever recorded of those songs? It's too much to listen to now, but the few snippets sound pretty damn nice.

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In my many searching of Blue Tears, what I understand, is that Blue Tears rerecorded many of the songs by Sahara, I dont know about non stop, Ive only seen them referenced, never heard them until now, this is fucking great, I wonder who put all this out on the internet, and another thing I would love is David Cole told me their were 2 songs left off the S\T album, MCA owns them, I wonder if these sound as good as the ones on the album? they apparently were not left off for quality, they were left off cause the album had already gone way over budget due to Fulkersons OCD, and when him and MCA got into their squabble it was one of the reasons, that Fulkerson wanted all 12 songs and MCA had only issued the album for 10 songs.

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