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To get rid of onion smell from your hands get a sterliing silver butter knive and rub your hands on it. It will take the smell away.

Rubbing salt on your hands and washing them with water accomplishes the same thing.

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baking soda gets out tough smells.


my biggest dog got a full body yeast infection. I tried all the shampoos to get rid of the smell (didn't know what itwas for a long time) but my sister knew what was wrong with him when she smelled him. a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar for a week worked. He has gotten better but for a week he smelled like a huge jar of pickles. To make matters worse, the blakets he lays on were awful. smelled like a mix of the vinegar water mix and yeast infection. I washed them in hot water. didn't work. I washed them in bleach and didn't work. I washed them in a half cup of baking soda and you never know I was about to thorw them away. The baking soda did awesome

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