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Issa: "Can't Stop" review (Hardrock Haven)


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It's official--Issa has made the worst album of her short career, but it's still a decent enough slab of AOR/melodic rock songs. To read my full review of "Can't Stop" over at Hardrock Haven, click the link below:




Bottom line, it's not something you can't stop listening to, but it's nothing you'll feel the need to turn off either.

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Hard disc to rate. I do quite like it, though I'd much prefer original material. It's got to be about the best way to possibly do a covers album, though. Surprised you mention the production... I hadn't even thought twice about it yet as it sounds very good to me. End of the day, I probably think of it a little higher than you, but I'm looking forward to the 3rd album of new songs from her.

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I agree, it was a rather difficult CD to rate/review. In the end, my "it's OK but nothing special" conclusion is the one I felt was most accurate. I also agree that if you have to do covers, her approach was the way to go. And yeah, the production isn't terrible, but I do feel it lacks that big, slick, bombastic engineering evidenced on her first 2 albums. I don't hate the album--once I turned in the review, I still kept half the songs on my iPod--but I do think it pales in comparison to her original works and just barely, by the thinnest of margins, manages to be worth your time.

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