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Go Radio - 'Close The Distance'


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Second release from the ex-Mayday Parade vocalist's "new" band. Their debut, 'Lucky Street' was okay but kinda disappointing. This one is far more impressive and a much better showcase for the talent this dude has for song-writing. It's mellow but full of killer hooks. Check it out:


Track List:


1. I Won’t Lie

2. Baltimore

3. Collide

4. Go To Hell

5. Lost and Found

6. Close the Distance

7. What if You Don’t

8. Things I Don’t See

9. The Ending

10. Over Me

11. Hear Me Out

12. If That’s Tonight

13. Live, Learn, Let Go




Here's a few cuts:







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Here's the official video for the first single, which is a song I actually don't overly like, but worth watching for the stunner if nothing else:


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Me like it!


Yeah mate, good emotive tunes with great hooks. The dude's voice is unique but you'll probably love most the songs. If you don't have his album with Mayday Parade, make sure like hell you buy 'A Lesson in Romantics':




Legitimately some of the best modern rock songs you'll ever hear are on that CD.

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Love that first track. Easily worth the $1.19 at Amazon.


The only Mayday Parade in my collection is "I Swear This Time I Mean It". I didn't care for the rest of that CD, and didn't know the band's history. I'll definitely check out A Lesson in Romantics.


By the way... Can we stop this tired trend of making album covers look like old vinyl LP covers (Steel Panther, Hinder, Jack's Mannequin, Parachute... to name a recent few)?

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