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Young Guns - Bones


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These guys released their second album earlier this year called 'Bones' and good stuff it is. Modern rock.
They've just released their new video for 'You Are Not'. Some older videos from 'Bones' also below.



Track listing:

1. "I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die" 3:58
2. "Dearly Departed" 3:12
3. "Bones" 3:13
4. "Towers (On My Way)" 2:39
5. "A Hymn for All I've Lost" 1:06
6. "You Are Not" 3:56
7. "Brother in Arms" 3:12
8. "Learn My Lesson" 3:20
9. "Everything Ends" 4:11
10. "Interlude" 1:39
11. "Headlights" 4:05
12. "Broadfields" 4:22





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Great album, mate. Surprised there wasn't already a thread for these chaps. But yeah, great disc and much better than the impressive debut.

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Just playing the new Young Guns album...pretty good disc in the modern rock field, maybe not as good as their last effort - Bones, though still a good listen. It's maybe slihhtly moving toward a more alternative sound, similar to the Killers type of thing but without losing the hard rock edge too much.

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I did actually not with interest recently that these guys had a new disc coming out. Will have to check it out asap - good band.

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Yeah...I recently **within the last four months** bought their two prior albums. Pretty good stuff.....and will check this one out, as well.

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Kinda different vibe on the new album, but I like it. A bit more mellow but anthemic... could be a good album.

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