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.38 Special

66 mustang

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the first album without Jeff Carlisi in the band and they were a 4-piece here with the drums being filled in before a fulltime drummer was chosen. It is ok, but the magic must have left wtih Jeff. there are a few good moments, enough to make me pull it out every now and then for a listen. Miracle Man is classic Don Barns. Donnie's songs keeps the band's southern roots in tack here. this is a MILE better than the next offering they gave us and I'll bring that one up soon. back to Resolution. You can really start to hear that Don's vocals are changing. No longer do we have that smooth AOR sound from his vocals. It is a bit more rough and does take getting use to. On the Other hand Donnie's vocals are as good as ever. I do think they miss Jeff's music and writing influence. For the first time in a long time I will say thatthe mojority of the best songs on the album belong to Donnie. Heck, by the time Strenght in Numbers was put out Donnie's songs had just about disapeared from .38 Special albums

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Favorite's in order


Homeless Guitar

Miracle Man

DeJa Voodoo

Changed By Love

Just Can't Leave You Alone

Find My Way Back

After The Fire Is gone

Fade To Blue


Shelter Me

She Loves To Talk

Saving Grace

Shatter The Silence


I think this is my pecking order, at least today

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My wife has ordered me this for my birthday along with Bone Against Steel and Drivetrain, hope they all arrive in time.

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let me help you with DriveTrain. It is awful. the worst cd in their history by far. there are 2 good songs on it. There are also 2 songs on it that they have had out before but they re-recorded them and screwed them up. The Squeeze was the single they put out when Don first came back to the band (and the b-side was the really good I Fall Back) and Trooper With An Attitude was from the movie Super Troopers. both were much better the first time around.



now that you have no expectations for drivetrain maybe you will find some enjoyment in it because I've set the bar so low. When it first came out I was such a fanboy because I had an album of new material but that soon wore off and I changed my opinoin.

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