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Shakra - Stranger


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Do any of you know what they are talking about in the song Stranger?

The "orange dressed foreign man" line is what caught my attention...significant historical event? Am I just being ignorant and should know this?



I'm just a lonely boy and I play

With my red kite in the sky

I hold the string in both of my hands

Try to teach it to fly


But then the wind becomes much stronger

And breaks my dream in two

I see the light at the end of the tunnel

And I'm running back to you


Now I'm awake

With the eyes of a stranger

And I'm awake

Out of my world of danger


I'm looking 'round in our bedroom

What the hell is going on

I see an orange dressed foreign man

Hanging on his telephone


But then a voice tries to tell me

What's going on tonight

I had a fit a mental blackout

I'll say goodbye to my red kite


Now I'm awake...

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It's a song from the perspective of Harry from Dumb and Dumber singing about Lloyd wearing his orange suit trying to bang Mary Swanson. DUH! :nyanya:

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Big help MAFIA. <_<



Don't ask, I just noticed this emoticon and wanted to use it.

Ummmmmm...I am going with Gage. The kid that gets smoked by the 18 wheeler in Pet Cematary :whistle:

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