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Skold - Anomie


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Anybody that still likes Tim Skold, his latest album is sick, it doesn't have any true standout tracks like Hail Mary, or Remember, but it's a collectively solid album, and he brings in some pretty sick guitar riffs on a few of the songs, which is something he hasn't had since departing company with Harry Cody, if you like him check this disc out.

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You are really the first person out of my metal breatheran to recognize and see the debut Skold album like I do, I used to HATE!!! Electronic music, since I got into audio production, and audio using a computer, I have dove into electronic programming, problem was I used to hate it, cause I never really knew anything about it, not like I could ever in a million years afford anything remotely close to learn programming, all that shit is and was big time bucks, since Ive been learning on a computer, I started listening to stuff like Ministry, KMFDM, and Skold as a reference to know what Synths and Drum Machines made which sounds, turns out so many classic albums use alot of these old Synths, which are now all replicated by genius software, and they sound identical to the actual original, it's all very cool shit, i think, the debut Skold album was something of a 1st as far as I know, there's plenty of electronic music out there, but I had never heard someone crossover from melodic rock\metal, with industrial\electronic, it was always either or, not like Tim Skold did, and this new album is a lot like the debut, only hes got an actual guitarist, now I don't know who it is, cause I haven't read the liner, i skimmed thru it and didn't see any guitar credits, which might mean its Tim playing guitar as well, but from the 1st track to the last, every effort was made to not only fill songs with killer guitar riffs that were metal, but there's actually some very catchy metal riffs, you all might actually like? I don't know check it out, find some samples and listen, i mean i don't think anybody's getting their mind changed with this, if you don't like Skold, then you wont like Skold, but check it out none the less.

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I've never got into other Industrial bands but then again I've never taken the time to listen to many of them but being a Shotgun Messiah fan I bought Skold's debut blindly and have always enjoyed it. The only other cd I have in that genre is the Stephen Pearcy/Al Pitreli project Vertex. That one is okay but not great like the Skold IMO.

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