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the winner of the TANGO DOWN Backdrop!

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From the TANGO DOWN FB page


TANGO DOWN BACK DROP WINNER!!!!!!!!! Hello FB!!! Ok, we wanted to announce the backdrop giveaway with style and something over the top. First we were going to have a GIANT balloon where a daredevil was going to jump off the balloon right before it explodes. The guy we were going to get was unavailable due to a similar promotional stunt gone wrong for a dealership somewhere in the Midwest. We wish him a fast and speedy recovery. SO! We decided to scale it back and have trained chimps do a big dance number to this big build, where they would sing the winners name in unison while holding giant sparklers!! Sadly they beat the dancing instructor to death at rehearsal for not giving them a treat. Nikoli will be missed :-( Well, we were not about to give up!! We wanted something cool!!! Something SEXY!! Something WOW! So we thought we would have our album cover model announce the winner. YES!!! GREAT!! Sadly we couldn't get her:-( Soooooooo please envision all the above, a drum roll and this is the part where Alix Thomas would announce the winners name as motorcycle aerialists jump a lot of parked cars, and the winner of the TANGO DOWN backdrop issssSSSSS..... Scott Boyers of Holland MI!!!!!! >poooof!!< (confetti cannons) >poooof< On behalf of everyone in the band and the label. Congrats Scott!






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