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My New Youtube channel

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Please check out my youtube channel. I will be uploading lots of rare demos from the Baltimore area from the 80's and 90's.




So far uploaded:


Race The Rat "Shot From The Hip" (hard rock)


Sex & Sin "Rattlebones" (hard rock/sleaze)


Mary Suicide "Neverending City" (alternative/hard rock)


No Man's Land "No Man's Land" (hard rock/metal from MN)


Mona Lisa "Falling Too Deep" (aor/melodic rock/hard rock)



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So far uploaded:


Race The Rat - Shot From The Hip (hard rock)

Mary Suicide - Never Ending City (alternative/hardrock)

Sex & Sin - Rattlebones (sleaze/hard rock)

No Man's Land - No Man's Land (hard rock/metal)

Mona Lisa - Falling Too Deep (aor/hard rock)

Euthanasia - I'll Try (hard rock)

Temper Temper - Street Type (sleaze/hard rock)

Court Jester - This Clown (Won't Go Down) (heavy metal)

Chain The Day - Heart -N- Soul (aor/hard rock)

Child's Play - Drop Dead (hard rock)

Amazing Bone - Flesh (alternative/hard rock)

Po'Boy Swing - Bring You Down (hard rock/funk)

IROC - Never Coming Back (aor/hard rock)

Internal Void - Unclean Spirit (metal)

Angels In Exile - Eyes To The Sky (thrash metal/power metal)

Chemikill - A Life Within A Life (thrash/power metal)

Snydly Crunch - Cry Wolf (hard rock)

The Funk Junkies - Good Life (hard rock/metal/funk)

Mystic Force - Blind Vision (metal/power metal)

Deadly Aggressor - Concussion (thrash/speed/metal)

Gridlock - Vicious Circle (metal)

Wired - One Last Shot (sleaze/hard rock)

Abby Normal - Yard Of Toys (hard rock/alternative)

Xenon Scream - Carry Me Away (progressive/hard rock/metal)


Lots more to come!


Check it out and let me know what bands you dig! Thanks!!

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