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Ok I know probably the majority here know who Jarred (Mullethead) is but for those that don't or haven't done any business with him than this is for you. I have bought several cds over the years from this cat and it's always been a pleasure. If anything isn't right (In your opinion) he fix's it. He makes sure your happy with what you bought or traded for. Don't hesitate to jump into one of his rare cd Jap/OBI sales. Just don't outbid me! I just wanted to take a moment and give him a shout out! We live in a world where it's quick to critize and bitch about something or everything,so here's something positive. Here's to you my friend :drink:

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You always hear the bad dirt on people, nice to hear the good stuff. Cheers for the positive post. :beerbang:


Yes, that was a nice one ! :drink: We should read things like this more often, imo !

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