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Wrathchild - 'Stakkattakktwo'


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I know this was mentioned somewhere on the forum but I can't find the thread, so here's a new one.


Surprised there hasn't been a little bit of chatter about this one, if there are fans of the band here. I'm not sure this will win the band any new fans, but I found myself pleasantly surprised as I listened to this. I'm by no means a massive fan of these guys, as much as I tried to be, but they're one of those totally cheesy 80's glam bands I couldn't really resist.


If you liked their old stuff (pre-'Delerium') I think you'll dig this. It's not great at all, but it's pretty true to their original sound, albeit a slightly modernized version. Yeah, fans should definitely give this a go, especially at under &10:



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I've had two of the songs on my MP3 player for the last few years (from when they were still calling themselves Psychowrath) and they werent bad, but the rest of the album is pretty lacklustre and sounds fuck all like Wrathchild.

I dont expect to hear them replicate Rockys vocals, but even the classic WC guitar and drum sound is missing.


And on top of everything else, the production is abysmal. The vocals are buried so far in the mix, you can barely hear them half the time.

On top of that, when I put my earphones in to listen to it on the way in to work or whatever, the volume is so low I can hear everything going on in the street more than I can hear the music in my ears.


Ok album if it was a self released demo album, but Perris should be ashamed of themselves.

Oh, and it has no right calling itself a WC album, and defo should not have tried claiming to be a sucessor to Stakk Attakk.


I think Rockys new album will be better.

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Ha, I didn't even know about the personnel changes. :lol: Like I said, never been a huge fan, but this sounded kind of like how I remembered Wrathchild. :) Maybe I was wrong... ;)


I still reckon it's a pretty solid disc.

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the only two original members are the bassist and drummer.

although strictly speaking the guitarist in the band now is the original guitarist, but he left before they recorded any of their albums.

theres been an ongoing battle for the name Wrathchild for a few years, with the current band playing as Psychowrath, and Rocky playing as Rock Shades Wratchild, but the courts decided in the other guys favour, so they reverted to the Wrathchild name.

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