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Wighthouse Wanderland


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I downloaded this disc off some website that has hundreds of out of print, and never heard of type shit on it, and realized it has a very standout opening track, Rescue, but I was extremely surprised when I found absolutely nothing about them on the internet, and never even stumbled across a review anywhere, not to mention this has to be one of the only Cd's Ive ever tried to track down, that seems to be non-existent, it's not for sale anywhere, not listed anywhere, hell im beginning to wonder if it even ever existed? any of you no anything about this one? I did discover they are a Finnish group with an American lead singer, but that's absolutely everything ive been able to find about them anywhere, any HH members over there in Finland? if so, this one's for you!!


Wighthouse Wanderland - Rescue

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Here's the HH page for them:


Whithouse Wanderland


Here's one cd for sale on ebay:




Here's a facebook group for them (most comments are in Finnish):





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Thanks, I wonder how come I couldn't get anything to pull up when I was searching for them? and by the time I saw your link, the disc had already been closed, FUCK!!!!

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