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New AC/DC album in 2012?


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From acdcfans.net:


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has revealed in an interview on VH1′s That Metal Show that he believes AC/DC will be gearing up for a new album in 2012.


Speaking with Eddie Trunk in an hour-long episode, Johnson told how he’d met up with Malcolm Young in October in London. During the pair’s conversation, Malcolm has said to Brian that he was ‘bored’ – pointing towards a desire to get things moving in the direction of a new AC/DC album in 2012.


In a revealing interview, Brian spoke about his joining the band and how Back In Black’s You Shook Me All Night Long came together.


And in a terrific nod from the band to its home crowd, he also revealed how prior to the Australian leg of the recent Black Ice World Tour, the band had decided to include High Voltage in the setlist, with Brian requesting that an image of Bon Scott be included in the accompanying video backdrop as a tribute to the former frontman and local hero.


Stay tuned to ACDCfans.net for more news on a new AC/DC album in 2012 and AC/DC tour in 2012.





Really cool news if true, as this is a band I'd really like to see live before they call it a day.

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I've read a few comments from Brian this summer about wanting to get going again. The thing is everyone in the band is so busy w/other projects or hobbies that it's hard to get the band together. My understanding is they already have a ton of tracks laying around in demo or rough finish form so they could probably whip out a new album fairly easily once they get things rolling.


They always put on such a great show! I've seen them live 3 times (Ballbreaker, Stiff Upper Lip and Black Ice tours) and could've also seen them on their Razors Edge tour as well if I wouldn't have gotten sick w/mono. :doh:

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