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New Shameless CD available for pre-order

Captain Howdy

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pre order your copy of Dial S for Sex directly from us.


CD + 2 Stickers is € 15.

If you want any of the other Shameless CD's it'S just ad another 10 Euro.


- Backstreet Anthem

- Splashed

- Super Hardcore Show

- Famous 4 Madness


Send the email to shamelessorder@gmail.com.

Payment is easy thru Paypal


CD's will be sent out in the beginning of December.

The prices include shipping were ever u live on this Planet !!

19 November at 08:27

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Jeez haven't these guys consistently toppled down the ladder of quality. Does anyone even know or care that they released a new album this year? They have some great stuff in their discography, but this new piece of shit oh whoops I mean album is not one of them;


1 - How The Story Goes
2 - Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car
3 - I Don't Wanna Know
4 - Can't Get Enough
5 - It Can't Be That Bad
6 - Serial Cheater
7 - Wtf R U
8 - Love Game
9 - Getaway
10 - Wild In The Night
11 - Change Your World
I couldn't find many videos on youtube (thankfully). There are no good songs on this album, but the best is this shitty cover of a great song;
Hey, the song may be fucking terrible, but I dare you to tell me you're not thankful that I posted that video! Holy shit. That video clip is the absolutely only good thing about this album.
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