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Michael J Fox goes back to the future


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The original scene in the 1985 movie was the reason I fell in love with guitars and shredding. That scene from Back To The Future and the one of Ralph Macchio out shredding Steve Vai - The Devil in Crossroads were the best ever guitar related scene from my youth.


Here is Micheal or should I say Marty sorta re-doing that scene.


Marty Mcfly shredding it in 2011


Despite being ill to the point of making it hard to watch him in an interview, he still kicks ass.

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Yeah, you gotta have a lot of respect for Michael J. Fox. Having battled against that evil Parkinson disease for such a long time and still be strong enough to stand on a stage playing a guitar or to even make movies is absolutely amazing ! :bowdown:

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I was lucky enough to get to go to the "LIGHT OF DAY" movie premier which stared Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett back in the day. I was also lucky enough to attend the pre-party the night before the movie premier. It was held at The Phantasy Theater just outside of Cleveland, OH. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played a show at the pre-party and were joined by Michael J. Fox for a couple songs (Light Of Day & Johnny B. Goode). I'll tell ya, Fox is a really good guitar player. I remember being very impressed with his skill and energy. He also played all of his guitar parts in the "Light Of Day" movie.


It is good to see that his Parkinson’s disease hasn't taken his love for music. Judging by this video it would seem that Fox must play his guitar fairly often to stay that crisp.


Thanks for posting the video.. :drink:

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