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Queensryche Rage For Order Help Needed


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Does anyone out there have an original 'Rage For Order' cd with a "DIDX-844" matrix number on the inner ring of the disc? I'm finding a bunch with the DIDX-844 number and "Compact Disc Digital Audio" logo printed on the front cover, but none of them have the DIDX matrix on the disc. Give me a shout out if you can help out with that info..





Np - Red Rider - Neruda



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Thanks for the info. guys. I really appreciate it. Metal4Ever gave me some definitive info to let me know that the one I have seems to be original. According to him the "DIDX-844" is not on the blue ring version of the disc itself. Thanks again to you guys for taking the time to reply.



Np- Lion 'Dangerous Attraction'



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