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Astral Doors

Dark Star

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Niles is most underated vocalist going around. He also sings with Lion's Share aswell. Cannot wait to here their new one when its released.

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Ok WHY Have I not heard these guys before?? Holy shit, sounds like someone reincarnated Ronnie James Dio!!!!! The vocalist is almost a Dio clone.. Not quite, but still pretty damn good!!! :headbanger:


Check em out....





He-he, so you have missed this great band. They have done a number of albums. I like the first ones best which are great classic hardrock IMO. They have a new one out now which is suppossed to be a killer. Nils Patrik has sang on many swedish mketal albums the last couple of years (see links below).




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I have their first 3 releases..."Of The Son and The Father" is my favorite by far, their 2nd "Evil is Forever" was okay but I didn't care much for the 3rd one "Astralism" and I haven't bothered with them since as I didn't care for the direction they were going musically...

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