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Motley Crue $60k ticket scam in Indonesia

Captain Howdy

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Started hearing about this a few weeks ago, but now there is confirmation of how much the con has supposedly netted.


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Yeah actually i was one of the victims, they sold $40 for the presale ticket when it turns out that the promoter haven't even confirm and paid Crue at all. They claimed that only 500+ people bought the ticket and not 1.500, but nobody knows for sure.


Me and friends here are trying to ask for the refund and I heard couple of them got their money back and it's still under police investigation and promoter said that they're fucked up by their agent and will refund all the money slowly. Let's see how it goes but lesson learned, I've never heard of this promoter before but then many bands are starting to come to Indonesia and with Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper were successfully performing while ago, we think it's a dream come true to finally see Crue.


Anthrax will come down here in early December, so hopefully it's on.

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Sadly in countries that are not usually tour stops, its obviously been something thats made it easier to set up a con like this.

Its a shame that because some bands have been starting to show more interest in going there, that someone took advantage of a lot eager fans who probably thought they would never get the chance to see a band they love.

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Probably it's not a con at the first place.


Chronologically, from what I've heard around, i think the promoter was in contact with a booking agent and the agent contacted Crue for this. They asked around $300k for the fee, it's a done deal, but then promoter was having hard time to look for investors and sponsors to back up the funding, but the agent was already waving green flag to the band.


2-3 weeks passed, Crue's team upped the fee to $400k due to time and airplane fares etc, but the promoter seems to not want to back down, and instead lookin' for another investors, they put up the presale tickets, which of course the fans have no idea that this thing isn't 100% confirmed, and the rest is history.


In fact, in the last ten years, this thing is probably the first. There are at least 2-3 big promoters here that kept their promises and didn't disappoint and I've successfully seen Mr.Big, Megadeth, Extreme, Firehouse, Avenged Sevenfold, Arch Enemy, Helloween, Dragonforce, Exodus, etc, but this is hugely disappointing, and not because that $30 thing, it's just that Crue has been my fave band and they didn't come here.


Hopefully another respectable promoter will drag em here next year or two, after another new album maybe.

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according to Nikki, the guy who did it is a scumbag, and that report says the police are investigating, but so far have no suspects.

Not sure which version of the story is true to be honest, but what I do know is any ticket agency worth its salt should cover anything like this even if they are duped as its their responsibility to check on the validity of the tours before selling anything.

Its like the Hanoi Rocks/LA Guns thing in the UK a while back. Tour was announced, advertised and tickets put up for sale, then Hanoi turn round and say they never agreed to do it.

Dates were cancelled, but everyone was refunded.

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