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"Archie Meets KISS"

Fat Freddy

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In case you haven't had your fill of irrelevant KISS related junk yet... this November, Archie Comics will release a 4 issue mini series in which Riverdale's favorite red headed teenager meets KISS.


I can't help but think that this pairing would've been huge in, say, 1978, but now, is anyone really going to care? :unsure:


'Archie Meets Kiss' Aims To Bring Together Two Pieces Of Americana For First Time - Sep. 22, 2011


According to ABC News, KISS has partnered up with Archie Comics to launch a new, four-part story called "Archie Meets Kiss". The comic will reportedly follow Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and their band as they protect the comic's regulars from an invasion of monsters. Gene says that the illustrations will not offend the young fanbase that the comic has.


Simmons told the New York Post, "KISS is all things to all people. A five or 10-year-old fan doesn't look at the lascivating nature of my tongue the same way someone much older would — such a thing is not obvious to a five-year-old, and nor should it be."


The series launches November 30 and, in the words of writer Alex Segura of Archie Comics, "brings together two pieces of Americana for the first time.”


Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics, is a self-described "crazy KISS fan, who says, "Younger kids will enjoy the magical nature while older audiences will enjoy old rock 'n' roll."



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This promises to be even weirder than the time Archie met the Punisher:





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Wow that cover art for the Archie/Kiss comic is REALLY poor...


Oh yeah, ain't it awful? :rofl:


My bro and I were goofin' on this comic last night. Even when we read Archie comics as kids back in the late 70s/early '80s, we'd notice that they always seemed perennially behind-the-times when it came to youth trends. Any time they did a story that revolved around some popular fad of the time - i.e. video games, breakdancing, Rubik's Cubes, etc. - the fad was usually over with by the time the comic came out. Maybe that explains why they're 30+ years behind on capturing KISS mania. :lol:

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Video trailer for this titanic team-up:



Check out Zombie Mr. Weatherbee!! :rofl2:

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