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Fireal - The Dark Side


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These guys from Finland are pretty good. Even Geoff might like them. ;)

The singer used to be in a band called Bleak but the group didn't make a bigger impact on the music scene so Caleb (the singer) formed a new band. Fireal released their debut album (The Dark Side) earlier this year and their first single "Halo" got plenty of airplay on the radio.


Check out these songs and "Ariel" in particular, what a beautiful song...







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Yeah, that's quite nice. 'Breathe' is great. They still have "that guy" on lead vocals - the guy who sings on every single Finnish release of all time, but he sounds a little more bearable on some of this.

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So did these guys release this one back in 2015? I can't find anything officially mentioned anywhere, their new website is under construction


From batzbatz.ru:


'Hi-Lite' (2015)



01 For You All
02 In The Fire
03 Faster Than Light
04 Serafi
05 The Day Love Died
06 Reach The Surface
07 Coming For You
08 I Was The One
09 Shut Me Out
10 Eternal



Meanwhile, 2 bonus tracks from 'The Dark Side' sessions:





And more from their debut:







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