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Warrior Soul - RUBICON

Fat Freddy

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Kory Clarke talks new Warrior Soul album... it's gonna be called RUBICON and will be out in September...woot. (from Blabbermouth)


Attila Timár of Über Röck recently conducted an interview with WARRIOR SOUL/TROUBLE frontman Kory Clarke. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.


Über Röck: A few days ago you aired some new WARRIOR SOUL demos on your Facebook profile. How would you describe the direction of the new songs for those who missed the 24-hour pre-listen chance? Are the songs going to be as kick-ass as "Destroy The War Machine" or can fans expect some psychedelic tripping infiltrating into the new WARRIOR SOUL output?


Kory: It's going to be a WARRIOR SOUL album, and due to the title ("Rubicon") and theme, we will probably be once again majestic, soaring, aggressive, proud. I went to the studio at Christmas in Stockholm with Rille Lundell [WARRIOR SOUL guitarist] and we tracked about eight songs. It might have been more, I can't remember. It was great writing and we found a deal and we are getting ready to release in mid-September 2011. The album is called "Rubicon", which means "past the point of no return." Some of it was written in Salon, Sweden; most of it in Rille's apartment.


This pic was on their Facebook page, I assume it's the new CD cover. Kinda underwhelming but what the hell. I'm sure the disc will smoke.



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Used to love the band, the first two albums are among the very best CDs I have, but I've lost interest in them these days. Too punky sounding and Kory's vocals have gone all croaky ... think I'll be giving this one a miss.

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