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  • My Little Pony

Hey, I don't think I've asked this before. I did a search and found nothing.


I just wanna know if the latest issues of Mariah, and Somewhere Between Heaven & Earth have been remastered again? I know they've been "Repacked with new art and bonus audio!!" but have they managed to improve the sound quality? Maybe one of you boys from Retrospect would be the best to answer.


I had a CDr of Mariah six years ago, and once I got the Retrospect release I noticed an improvement, and also many of the songs were extended. It would be great if they managed to improve it a bit more.


Their first album played a big role in getting me hooked on the softer sound of Melodic Rock and AOR.


I'm probably gonna have to pick the new versions just for the two extra tracks.

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  • My Little Pony

Yeah, that's probably the smartest decision, but I'm not sure if you've noticed how lazy I am.

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