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Wang Chung

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On the heels of my Talking Heads thread, I recently heard the Wang Chung song Let's Go, it has a tight little bass line and a very solid beat surrounded by well produced very catchy pop chorus, I hated their popular songs(everybody wang chung tonight, and dance hall days) but I was very impressed with this song, I mean from a Pop standpoint, does anybody have any deeper insight, or info or opinions about these guys, being ive heard a total of 3 of their songs total, anything else they did as good as this song?

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I am glad you brought this up. I had forgotten they released it and just ordered it.


After doing some checking I see they were originally called Huang Chung and had a 1982 release which was issued on cd in 1995 and may be hard to find. Ill have to check


As for the 2/3/4 releases I thought were all quality releases. They had a 4th in 1989 but I cant remember this one without hearing it. Hell I need to finish of this collection up to 1989 so if I remember I will update the thread in the future

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