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Stone Angel-Turning Point

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I got a copy of this c.d. from Vintage Vinyl last week. $16.00 and still sealed.

The jewelcase was blue tinted and I just have bad vibes about this purchase.

Can someone give me some info on an original copy?

My copy has no code on the spine. I would go back there this weekend to see if they have another copy, but it's too far from where I live.

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your welcome. a few gems on this one but I have to go back and listen again to give a full comment.



I can shed light on this release for you guys. STONE ANGEL was a band i was freinds with back in the day. When i started the label. They were one of the first 4 bands i released on the label. In fact they were my very first release!! LOL. That cd was a labor of love among freinds. Releasing the old demos and give it a lil fanfare. They were a GREAT band live. Koz could hit every note live and was not only a true vocal talent and frontman, but also one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. The lead guitarist was a G.I.T grad and could play the hell out of the guitar.


The Label logo with the K in the circle was only on my first two releases. The logo didnt change til our 5th release. Titles 3 and 4 didnt have a logo. LOL. Dont ask....i have no idea why. LOL. The cd btw has a cd interactive fetaure with band pics, bios and a video for the song IMAGINE US. I wont lie the production is what it is. However there are some really good songs on that disk. It is looooong out of print and if you can find it, i do recomend it. If you like bands like Triumph. Then i think you will enjoy Stone Angel.



Take Care


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