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TRIVIUM - In Waves


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I LOVED The Crusade and also really liked Shogun, now I'm really hoping to love the new one called In Waves. Here is the lead off single the title track. I'm not sure if I like it or not, the screaming parts irritates me to no end, sounds like he's screaming 'eeeeaaaaat riiiiiiiicccccce!!!' The clean vocals are still amazing, although the song seems to lack something.....like some shred fest guitars for one and also a killer chorus. I'm hoping the rest of it is better....alot better.




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Yeah I agree, it's kinda okay at best. Heafy just doesn't scream very well. He does Death Metal growls and clean-vocals perfectly, which he combined nicely on the last disc (which was totally stunning IMHO). Nice guy too, I met him in Vegas before their gig in the House of Blues. Obviously my preference is a lot different to the rest of you guys, I don't really give a toss how much clean-vocals they use but they still have to live or die by how hooky the song is, and neither the riffing nor chorus is great enough here. I'd still buy this one by-sight though...

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Btw: You guys that don't mind the heavier stuff with big/melodic choruses should check out some of ASKING ALEXANDRIA's new disc. Crushingly heavy Death Metal-style versus and sweeping clean-sung choruses are their bag, and frankly three of their new tunes ("A Lesson Never Learned", "Breathless" and the single "Someone Somewhere" - the latter is all clean-vocals) are about the best things I've heard in 2011 so far...

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Here is another track from In Waves. I prefer it to the lead off single. This is more the Trivium I love.




The Trivium that vocally scares me. But the riff and shredding are awesome.




Good blend of harsh and clean




The clean ballad. Very cool!




With all the great AOR and other rock stuff in the HH genre coming out this year, I'm sure the new Trivium will be in tough to end up in my top 10. However, I really have to call myself a fan and like Tim, I should buy the next release on sight.

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I've been tossing up whether or not to give this a go this year... the samples there just confirmed it's a no. Sorry doods, they did absolutely nothing at all for me. :(

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Overall this is a good one IMO. A bit lop-sided, as there is everything from pure pop/metal ("Built to Fall", "Watch the World Burn") to outright death metal ("A Skyline's Severance"). Personally I LOVE the variety but anyone less broad-minded probably won't. As usual, awesome songwriting and some very strong vocals from Heafy (he's great at the clean or the growling, not so much the screaming). I like this slightly less than "Shogun", which was killer, and less than "Ascendancy", their best album to date, but I still love this band. The digi-pack has a great "making of..." dvd, plus about 5 bonus tracks, but avoid this version as they bonus tracks are scattered across the album annoyingly and spoil the flow. Overall an 8/10.

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