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Davy Vain website?

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Hey all,


Just wondering if anyone else has purchased directly from Davy Vain's website (davyvain.com)? I bought a CD, "Davy Vain- In From Out Of Nowhere," from that website using PayPal almost 1 month ago now, hasn't arrived- I know the band is actively touring again and have no idea who is responsible for handling orders. There's also no link or e-mail address thru which to contact the site's proprietor (except the PayPal payment e-mail address I suppose). Anyway, just wondering what others may have experienced? I'll give it the full 40+ days before filing a claim, if necessary, but that would really suck, this is the last Vain CD that I need for my collection....Thanx and cheers, Jeff.

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I've never bought any of them directly from him but have you tried his facebook page? He's pretty active on that.


Thanks for the tip!

Good luck getting a reply from his fb site. I've pm'd him a couple times about the All Those Strangers release and never heard a peep back.

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So, Davy did finally come through w/a copy of his solo CD that I had purchased. Brand new, sealed and silver pressed for one hell of a great price relative to the going rate on e-bay. The delay I experienced, according to Davy, was secondary to the band waiting for a new batch of discs to arrive. Overall, I'd rate this transaxn as a huge HELL YEAH :headbanger::party421::headbanger:

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