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Crushline - 'Road to begin'


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Track list:


01. Erase Yourself

02. If I Fall

03. Spirit To Live

04. Best Forever

05. Won't Miss Anything

06. The Game You Like To Play

07. Here Now

08. Hot n' Burnin'

09. Young, Wild And Free

10. The Only Truth

11. I Burn The Money




Pretty decent new release from this Spanish band. I'm starting to get a real issue with these types of vocalists to the point where it's pretty much ruining CDs for me (that really strong accent) but if you don't mind the strong accent, this is worth checking out. It's also not as tight as it could be, which is proven in the album highlight 'Best Forever.' It's really quite a good track, but just sounds a little under par in it's final recorded state:





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between average and good, the singer is annoying with its accent. I've heard Airless, which is also a Spanish band, and the vocal's accent is much better, and of course, much better band, especially the guitars :)

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