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Shawn Of Fire

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"Obsession" from Momentum 2010


Fan made video for "It Takes Time" from Momentum 2010


LINE OF FIRE Webisodes - Episode #1 "It Takes Time"



Go by LINE OF FIRE's page at FB and click "Like"...please? Trying to drum up some attention for the record...so, if you dig what we do, tell all your friends!!




Also, I had some trouble with my personal page a while back and lost a bunch of Friends...if you were one of them, add me back.


We have had some great press from the likes of Fireworks, SleazeRoxx, PowerPlay, HardRockHaven & MelodicRock.com! Thanks to everyone who has bought the albums, clicked "Like", spun the tracks online and just showed us support over these last 7 years!! Ya'll ROCK!!!

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LINE OF FIRE has been added to MRF3! We open the festivities on Friday night w/ an acoustic set! Appearing on Friday night also are Kelly Keeling, Glen Burtnik, Gary Schutt and Eric Martin!!






I already have tickets. Just gotta get a room and plane tickets...

It'll be great to meet up. I'm also very interested in cross-promotion with you guys. The few of us NEW US AOR acts there are have to stick together, heh.

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You can now stream (as well as digitally purchase in WAV, FLAC or 320kbs MP3 format) BOTH of our albums on Bandcamp! This option is WAY better than iTunes because:


- they accept Paypal

- it's cheaper

- the file format choices blow away iTunes 256kbs MP3



Line Of Fire - Momentum




Line Of Fire - Line Of Fire (Remastered w/ bonus tracks)



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