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Rock For Japan CD Limited Edition


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APRIL 29TH, 2011 LIMITED EDITION GERMAN IMPORT: 33-Track limited time offering features an AMAZING 2-CD collection where some of the world's best have contributed their hearts for a compilation to honor and pay respect to Japan!


On March 11, 2011 one of the biggest natural disasters hit the country of our close friends in Japan. The earthquake, the tsunami and the followed devastation of the failed Fukashima Nuclear Power-plant forced the world to view inapprehensible pictures on TV, and sadness worldwide! AOR Heaven will contribute 100% of all profits to the Red Cross Japan.


For the collection, some amazing UNRELEASED and VERY OUT OF PRINT contributions have been given, such as the following:

Harem Scarem (Track from OOP "Demon Down"),

Tony Harnell (Previous only released track as a digital download, now for this CD only),

Torben Schmidt (unreleased),

Royal Hunt (Live In Atlanta Unreleased),

Johnny Lima (unreleased),

Chris Laney (unreleased),

Tommy Denander (unreleased with Mickey DEE on drums),

Pontus Norgren (unreleased),



Oliver Hartmann,

Poison Sun,

Shotgun Symphony and tons more, all unreleased tracks!

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Just saw the complete tracklisting, looks very fab with a number of previously unreleased tunes!


CD 1: 1. FM - Kissed 2. Tommy Heart - And I Know 3. Grand Illusion - Yumi's Eyes 4. Harlan Cage - Sinner's Groove 5. Fiona - Love Along The Way 6. Dan Reed - I Don't Mind 7. Tony Harnell - One Way Ride 8. Grand Design - Love Will Shine The Way 9. White / Norgren - Message Of Love 10. Hartmann feat. Tobias Sammet - Brother's (Live) 11. Brian McDonald - In Too Deep 12. Shotgun Symphony - The One 13. Brett Walker - Good Enough 14. Peter Beckett - Too Many Reasons 15. Poison Sun - Russian Racketeers 16. Big Nature - One Way Ride 17. Legs Diamond - Missing A Part.


CD2: 1. Soul Doctor - You're All That I Want (Single Remix) 2. Crown Of Thorns - I Won't Wait * 3. Harem Scarem - Easier 4. Robin Beck - The One * 5. Torben Schmidt - Run Away 6. Mark Spiro - Say Your Prayers 7. House Of Lords - Spirit Of Love * 8. Mitch Malloy - Anything At All (Live) 9. Dogface - Fired 10. Kane'd - Rock Against The D.J. 11. Royal Hunt - Back To Square (Live) 12. M.ill.ion - What I Want 13. Johnny Lima - Nowhere Left To Go 14. Tommy Denander - Where Is The Fire 15. Chris Laney - Coming Home 16. Bulletrain - Take Me To The Sun 17. Subsignal – Wingless.

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