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Jettblack and Heavens Basement announce UK co-headline tour

Captain Howdy

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More dates to be announced.


5th May - Leicester, Sub 41

6th May - York, The Duchess

7th May - Grimsby, The Yardbirds

8th May - Manchester, Moho Live

10th May - Nottingham, Rock City

11th May - Newcastle, Trillians Rock Bar

12th May - Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms

13th May - Sheffield, Corporation

15th May - Wrexham, Central Station

19th May - Southampton, Talking Heads

22nd May - Exeter, Cavern Club



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Arggg, somebody needs to get some of these great overseas bands over here to the US! How about a big 3-4 day event somewhere in a central location (Sioux Falls, SD perhaps?) so we can all converge and rock out. :headbanger:


If you make one of the shows, enjoy, I am jealous.

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A good pairing. About time Heaven's Basement got their bloody fingers out and released a full album. The EP. was fantastic, but that was 2 years ago and nothing since. Way way too long a wait in my book.

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I got an email yesterday from the Heavens Basement site about their new singer choice and noticed that there was a goodbye message on the site from the old singer. I really hated seeing him leave as I felt he had a great voice but look forward to the new stuff. The pic on their site though makes them look more like Modern rockers instead of classic hard rockers so I sure hope they don't go in another direction.

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