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Kudos to PJ (kissmydisc)

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Well I got to meet the famous (infamous? nefarious? :D :D) PJ this weekend. He drove down from Canada to buy my CD collection. A few minor hiccups in obtaining all the cash, and FedEx was a bit unhelpful when it came to arranging the shipping, but all that aside, the transaction went smoother than I anticipated. Arranging the sale of 4,000 CDs in one fell swoop isn't a small task. There's a lot of trust involved on both sides when dealing with a sale this large, and I'm happy to report that he's better than his word. It was a pleasant, easy transaction, and he's a cool guy to boot.


My credit cards are no longer groaning from a 5-figure debt, and now I have room to store and sort the CDs I did keep....





Now to start hunting again (hell, that was most of the fun anyway) ;)



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Guest METAL777



For the record... it was a pleasure meeting you, and I do wish to thank you for your hospitality, and help in making this transaction smooth. I appreciate the kind sentiments above. Thanks also for the Chinese food... one regret though, I should have stuck around for another night- I saw plenty of hot college girls prancin' around the strip... and it would have been nice to have left my mark on your town, hehehehehe. :) Jokes aside though, thank you again for givin' me a shot at the collection, and for once again reaffirming your incumbent place in the hard rock/AOR/metal community by virtue of your classy and easy going etiquette.


Ok... so I've met Dan Harding now... "check"... who's left? After so many years in the scene- and more miles logged all over the globe than some of the bands we hail today, who's next on my "to meet" list? hehehe... Anyway- thanks again for everything Dan- keep your eyes open for the new website.


I'll post a few pics from our meeting, after I upload'em... ;)




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