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Putting the brakes on your cd purchasing....


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Wow mate, 300m from the beach? How the hell did you afford that? I'd be curious to know what prices are in SA compared to NSW, namely Sydney.


My wife and I are currently looking at upgrading to a house (instead of townhouse) but the only way we could live near the ocean is if we moved 4 hours up or down the coast. :( Do you surf at all? If not will you give it a go now that your front yard is a beach?


Nice place, mate.


I already have a place that I brought about 8yrs ago (just at the start of the housing boom). WCompard to todays prices, that was a bargain so i'll make a reasonable return on that, so we will sell that and put all the money towards this home.


I'm sure house prices are cheaper over here than they are in the eastern states (especially Sydney) . I see by watching those auction shows.


Along the Adelaide coast you're looking for $1million++ to be right on the beach, but it drops aways pretty quickly as you move away. So this place is close enough to the beach, without being right on the beach with the associated price tag.


And we got it for a much better price than it was advertised for, which always helps. :beerbang:


LOL, the coastal homes (although most of them are mansions) near where I live are £1.50M English pounds and upwards........not a hope in hell, even if I won the lottery!


We live about a 10min walk from the front and we paid about £275K 3 years ago. Four bed.

Wow, that just truly amazes me. I wonder why Sydney is so different to where y'all are at. I am not kidding about how far removed from the coast you need to get before it becomes affordable. :(

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