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Colombia House done in Canada

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Remember Colombia House? Around here it was that music club that offered 10 tapes/cd's for 1 penny, if you bought more cd's of course. I did it once in 1988 and realized even back then my taste were not top 40 enough to be part of that club. They closed shop for good in Canada, reason being they dealt with an 'obselete' media...another sad moment for me a music buyer who liked buying the real thing and not a music file.


Here is the article: Colombia House done

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The U.S. division of Columbia House/BMG gave up the ghost a couple of years ago. Surprised to hear that there was any part of it still goin'.

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Utilized the club to switch over my collection from tape to cd. Bygone era now. Count me amongst those who still like to have a physical copy to scan over the liner notes while listening to the music. But man, they are making you pay for that privilege dearly nowadays compared to what they are charging for the download at Itunes. But for now, I'll continue to actively search out the real deal as long as they keep releasing material in that format.

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