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Frontiers Records - Oct. 18, 2010


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The new British Melodic Rock sensation VEGA is about to take the scene by storm !



Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of VEGA's debut album "Kiss of Life" on December 3rd in Europe.


VEGA is a band that formed in may 2009 from the union of former KICK vocalist Nick Workman with the successful and respected song writing partnership of Tom and James Martin (House of Lords, Ted Poley of Danger Danger, Khymera, Sunstorm to name but a few), VEGA is a new band but rest assured they are about to take the Melodic Rock world by storm!


Their debut album “Kiss of Life” has been produced by John Greatwood (engineer for Tom Lord Alge of QUEEN fame) and mastered by the one and only Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) and features 12 rock songs which mix classic Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, with a pinch of U2 and Journey. "We wear our love of 80’s rock music on our sleeve, but we also have injected our love of modern rock music to it" says Tom Martin. "We aren’t trying to rehash anything: the sound we have achieved is 100% VEGA. We didn’t want to try and guess what people expect and get it wrong. Normally when we write songs we have the control over the lyrics/melodies but this time with Vega we left Nick to this part because we really rate him as a songwriter and he did a fantastic job with this on Kick's albums, so we knew he could make our sound more unique and make it a bit different from the AOR songs we write".


Tom and James met Nick 10 years ago when KICK was supporting Thunder on the first of their farewell tours. In the time that followed, the guys had always wanted to work with Nick, and opportunity came when the two brothers and drummer Dan Chantrey met Nick for a second time at a U.K. rock festival. Conversations about movies and music finally moved on to the all important question…..”When are we going to work together?“. The answer ended up being the next day, and VEGA was born. The chemistry between the guys was obvious and two brothers became four!


VEGA wrote 25 songs in the coming months and chose the best songs for recording. No expense was spared and a top UK recording studio was booked and in John Greatwood a producer with numerous UK and European top 10 albums and singles was on board! Following recording and mixing in October, Dennis Ward stepped up to the plate to put the final touches to the album, mastering it in his studio in Germany.


Get ready to experience the band live! "We do have a couple of gigs confirmed and others that we are waiting on" says singer Nick Workman. "We will support Danny Vaughn at Dudley JB’s on December 10th, the week the album comes out. As we were going to be rehearsed for that it would be silly not to do another gig, so we booked a date at The Yardbird’s the night before to blow out the cobwebs!! It’s going to be a lot of fun to play these songs live"


You can expect VEGA to be on many people's best of list of 2010 even if the album will be released almost... out of time !


"Kiss of Life" tracklisting includes: Into The Wild; Kiss Of Life; One Of A Kind; Staring At The Sun; Too Young For Wings; A.N. Other; Headlights; Hearts Of Glass; Stay With Me; Wonderland; What It Takes; S.O.S. - Kiss Of Life (videoclip)


The songs “Into The Wild” and “Kiss Of Life” can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at: www.frontiers.it/webradio


Enjoy the "Kiss of Life" videoclip:



Nick Workman: vocals

Tom Martin: guitars

James Martin: keyboards

Dan Chantrey: drums







Weblinks: http://www.myspace.com/vegaofficial / http://www.frontiers.it / http://www.myspace.com/frontiersrecords

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Video is quite nice and the 3 samples sound good aswell. With the Martin Bros. and Dennis Ward heavily involved, I just hope that this one has a little bit of something different in the mix, as quite a few of the projects they have been involved with (excellent most of them are) have been a little interchangeable with each other and ended up sounding quite similar. Will definitely be checking this one out though for sure

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