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Black Sabbath - Eternal Idol & Seventh Star Reissues


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Looking forward the Gillen recordings finally being offically released. :headbanger:



After the departure of BLACK SABBATH's third vocalist Ian Gillan following the "Born Again" album (released in 1983) the band effectively split up and the remaining members embarked upon their own solo ventures. However, pressure from record companies and management would dictate the name BLACK SABBATH should forge-ahead and even though guitarist Tony Iommi would by now be the sole remaining original member, his unmistakable musicality and signature guitar sound would prove more than sufficient to keep the heart of BLACK SABBATH alive and beating deep into the 1980s and beyond.


"Seventh Star" (originally released in 1986) saw Iommi recruiting the skills of Dave "The Beast" Spitz and drummer Eric Singer (later of KISS) and for the first time the position of a keyboardist became a visible credit and long-serving back-room operator Geoff Nicholls was finally brought to the foreground as an official member. However, it would be the position of lead vocalist that would have the greatest impact upon the new SABBATH sound and the appointment of ex-TRAPEZE and DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes set interest and expectations high. "Seventh Star" would be somewhat of a departure from what was expected from the BLACK SABBATH name, and the songs on "Seventh Star" are more blues inclined and in the case of the single release, "No Stranger To Love", an altogether more AOR- and radio-friendly breeze is adopted.


This remastered deluxe expanded edition of the album adds the U.S. remix of the "No Stranger To Love" single and also for the very first time on CD, a live performance from London's Hammersmith Odeon in June '86 which features then-unknown American singer Ray Gillen who was brought-in to complete the tour following the departure of Glenn Hughes due to illness.


"The Eternal Idol" (BLACK SABBATH's thirteenth studio album released in 1987) was an altogether harder-sounding record and brought back an "edge" that had been missing from "Seventh Star". Although the album was originally recorded with unknown American singer Ray Gillen, by the time it came to the album release Tony Martin had joined the band and subsequently replaced all the vocal work for the final album.


"The Eternal Idol" remastered deluxe expanded edition adds two single B-sides from "The Shining" — "Black Moon" and "Some Kind Of Woman" — while the second disc brings to CD for the very first time the complete album session originally recorded by the late Ray Gillen.


"Seventh Star" remastered deluxe expanded edition:


Disc One (Original Album):


01. In For The Kill

02. No Stranger To Love

03. Turn To Stone

04. Sphinx (The Guardian)

05. Seventh Star

06. Danger Zone

07. Heart Like A Wheel

08. Angry Heart

09. In Memory...


Bonus Tracks:


10. No Stranger To Love (single remix)


Disc Two (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - June 2, 1986):


01. Mob Rules

02. Danger Zone

03. War Pigs

04. Seventh Star

05. Die Young

06. Black Sabbath

07. N.I.B.

08. Neon Knights

09. Paranoid







"The Eternal Idol" remastered deluxe expanded edition:


Disc One (Original Album):


01. The Shining

02. Ancient Warrior

03. Hard Life To Love

04. Glory Ride

05. Born To Lose

06. Nightmare

07. Scarlet Pimpernel

08. Lost Forever

09. Eternal Idol


Bonus Tracks:


10. Black Moon (single B-side)

11. Some Kind Of Woman (single B-side)


Disc Two ("The Eternal Idol" – Ray Gillen Session):


01. Glory Ride

02. Born To Lose

03. Lost Forever

04. Eternal Idol

05. The Shining

06. Hard Life To Love

07. Nightmare

08. Ancient Warrior

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Awesome! The albums themselves are both fantastic, and the extras are even better! I can't believe I'll finally have a real copy of the Gillen version of Eternal Idol. Simply awesome!! :banger:

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