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Rock N Roll Bitch Fight


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Rock legends in gig



AGEING rockers started a mass brawl when they were told to stop playing early.

Def Leppard singer JOE ELLIOTT, 50, and rock legend IAN HUNTER, 71, charged roadies, wielding their guitars "like axes" after power to their amps was cut off.


The pair then kicked off a 30-man punch-up, screaming: "Let's have it, you b******s!"


The battle in London's Victoria Park started when the pair's supergroup Down 'n' Outz were only allowed two songs because ELP were due on stage.


A roadie said: "It was all in the spirit of rock 'n' roll."

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:rofl: Hope nobody fell and broke a hip...
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I still want Elliot's head on a stick after murdering my favorite BRITISH LIONS tune :axe:


I love that Down 'n Outz' album - Excellent stuff.

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