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Masquerade - 'One night stand'


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Another awesome release from Retrospect. Anyone digging this at all? This is one of the best I've heard from the label, with some cracking melodic rockers. Especially on the 2nd half of the CD. Well worth a go:



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I'm getting this in as we speak, I wonder if these guys are the same band as the one that released " crazy about the night life" around the early 90's on CD.

I can't say with 100% conviction, but I'm 99% sure they're different bands. Mostly because the 'Crazy about the nightlife' CD sucks and this one is great. ;) But to be totally honest, I held off interest in these guys for a while as I thought it was the same band too.


I guess that'd be my only small and friendly tip to Retrospect if I had one to offer. I'd love to see bigger/better bio's in the CD booklets. Just a bit of a story on how the band came to be, came to record all this stuff that was never released or only in certain formats, what happened to the band members, why they split etc. Just a bit of history is nice to get a feel for a CD and how the songs came to be. :)

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The lead singer from this band is also the lead singer on the last 3 songs on Wild August's 2nd album. And when he hits the speakers he rocks the band up a bit more. Good voice, nice presence on a CD.

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True Geoff...


Sullivan Bigg, the vocalist for Masquerade, was with Wild August for the second release. Not only is he a great vocalist, he is also a really cool person. He actually was the one who made it possible for me to watch KIX from the stage at the M3 festival.


I tend to agree that "One Night Stand" ranks pretty high among the Retrospect Releases.

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