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just a little guitar playing by Chris Rose

66 mustang

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check out his myspace page. myspace.com/chrisroseguitar he has been in a lot of projects over the years. he talks about one southern/metal band he was in as a mix of Molly Hatchet and Priest. I listened to the song and I have to agree with him. he won guitar wars 5 years in a row, won an autographed VH guitar too. he now teaches guitar at our local music store. like i said, check out his myspace page for a LOT of info on what he had done in the past and is doing now and it has a lot of songs on the site to listen to.



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listen to The Desert Song.

then way down the page you can find a song from SPLIT DECISION


Split Decision was best described as "Southern Metal".I always described our sound as combining Rob Halford with Molly Hatchet.The original members were Tim Huff,Mark Mullins,Gary Hartsock,Mark Swindall, and Darrell Floyd. Myself & Barry Dalton joined Split Decision in late 1984.Over the next year we played many concerts that drew large crowds.My most memorable gig was playing at Clinch Valley College before a crowd of 1,200. In the summer of 1985 we went into the studio to record a demo tape. Out of this session came "Running Away", my favorite Split Decision song. Around October, Tim Huff came to me and mentioned a possibilty of quitting the band and joining the Air Force.I didn't see the band continuing without Tim Huff's vocals.So just as it started, Barry and I quit to join another band. I always felt this band had so much potential!!!!! We didn't have the best equipment or any financial backing but we did have the hunger to be a great band.I remember practicing during a snow storm in the Huff's basement when the temperature was 10 below zero outside.Thank God for kerosene heaters!!!! I am proud of what we accomplished in the short time we were together.I was saddened when I got the call that Tim Huff had died. I will never forget the good times we all shared!!! Rest In Peace Brother!!!!!!!!

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