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Wonder Woman - Makeover?


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Not sure if I like this or not


Wonder Woman Gets 21st Century Makeover



LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Comic book superheroine Wonder Woman has traded in her spangled hot pants for urban leggings and upped her street smarts in a 21st century make-over for the 69 year-old character.


J.Michael Straczynski, the new writer for the DC Comics series, told the New York Times he wanted to "toughen her up and give her a modern sensibility" and change the outfit Wonder Woman has been wearing for almost seven decades.


The new costume features dark leggings, a studded denim jacket, spurs on her heeled boots and gloves in a new look designed by Korean-American artist Jim Lee of "X-Men" fame. Gone are the star-studded hip-huggers, undersized bustier and knee length, red go-go boots.


"She was stuck in 1941. And as female friends of mine kept asking, 'how does she fight in that (bustier) thing without all her parts flying out? How does she carry her stuff?," Straczynski told video game and entertainment website IGN.com in an interview.


"So my requests were pretty specific: toughen her look, make it more dynamic, more serious," he added.


Wonder Woman, one of the few female superheroes in a world dominated by Batman and Superhero, has also seen her character given greater depth and more intellect as she debuts the new look in Issue 600, which hits comic book stands on Wednesday.


"Growing up, I always felt that she was a better character than her books...the stories tended toward being a bit precious, and definitely edged into being more about getting her into provocative poses...than really getting into her character," Straczynski said.


"We will be making her stronger, favoring her smarts and her resolve and her resourcefulness, and making the remains of the world she once knew special by incorporating them into a more vital, unpredictable world. We take her very seriously,' he added.





I personally kinda prefer her to stay somewhat closer to the original character. Slight updating would be fine, but making the new character out so be some badass beyotch with leather and studs is going to far I think




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I understand the logic behind an update... After all, she was basically wearing a swim suit. I just don't think she needs the whole urban/rockstar/badass/biker/slut look



When they redid X-Men, I didn't care for the new darker look either. They could have easily updated each costume to leather or something and still have somewhat kept the layout and color scheme



Superman... The darker red undies looked like shit.



Batman... The 60's Batman was cheesy looking, but at that time, they wanted that cartoonish type look. The late 80's update was good as Batman needed to be a little more scary looking. The only thing I hated with the Batman movies was the changing of the actors each time. I liked Keaton and Bale is good, Clooney was "ok", but Kilmer sucked.

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Interesting. I "wonder" (haha) how the purists/geeks are gonna take to this change.


DC tried to make WW more "relevant" once before, in the early '70s. Apparently inspired by Emma Peel of "The Avengers," Diana Prince briefly went through a change where she turned her back on her Amazon heritage and learned martial arts from a Chinese karate master (?); she wore several new costume designs to go with the "NEW Direction"





Um...yeah. Oooookay.


Fans didn't take to it (gee, I wonder why? Haha) and she was back to wearing the classic costume within a year or so.


On a side note, Wonder Woman wasn't DC's only female character to get a "women's lib" makeover in the early 70s. After decades of merely being "Superman's Girlfriend," Lois Lane also got into more "relevant" storylines, like this classic, where she goes into a scientist's machine which turns her black, then asks Superman if he'd still marry her.



Pretty heavy duty stuff! :rofl:

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No, Lois. They're staring at you because of that enormous thing on your head.

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