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Interesting AOR List


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Check out this list of 360 AOR/Westcoast albums.


It's called "The Secret Door Library - Albums you need to check out"




It has some pretty interesting stuff on there, quite a few of which I have in my collection and rate very highly.


But this got me wondering, as there are so many albums on the list that I've never heard of, what are some 'lesser known' albums on this list that don't get talked about very much that you think are worth checking out? This might be a good way for the AOR fans here to find a few gems that went under the radar.


For me I quite like the Andy Baum (& the Trix) album 'Extra Feathers' that doesn't get talked about much.

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The CPR album (the picture of the archer firing upwards to left hand corner of the screen dump) from what I have heard off it is very good, not exactly rare and I keep meaning to pick a copy up.

The band is David Crosby (of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young fame) and his son from an early relationship, I have around 4 or 5 tracks from it and the second CPR album Just Like Gravity on a David Crosby collection and it's very AOR in the Toto kind of vein.

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Chris Eaton - Vision. This one is of the finest classic westcoast/AOR album with a truly great musicianship (same when it comes to Michael Thompson Band).But you probably know them.

From the lesser known section I can recommend the Broken Wings - st album. I've had the 9th Street - the prayer album but I didn't like it.It was a litte too new wavish for me.


But the best album from the ones you may not know would be the Russell "Wall Of Love" CD. Fantastic AOR from Holland, very similar to some scandi bands like Fingerprints and maybe Fahrenheit (Austria).

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