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Budgie were/are pretty good, I wasn't keen of their albums after and including Power Supply as I thought they had compromised the unique Budgie sound to latch onto the NWOBHM somewhat, although the "If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting" E.P. was good ish.

I picked up "Never Turn Your Back on a Friend" a few months back and I like most of their earlier stuff ...another band I need to get some more of instead of just relying on memories of the music from parties, rock clubs and peoples bedrooms when I was younger :lol: .

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One of the great UK power trios of all. Great discography with my faves being 'Bandolier' 'In For The Kill', 'If I Were Brittania' 'power Supply' & 'Nigh Flight'.


Unlike Nick, I quite like the 80's output, even the ultra commercial 'Deliver Us From Evil' album, which got panned by many fans for being to slick and featuring *horror* keyboards. I saw them in concert a good half a dozen times on the 'Power Supply' and 'Night Flight' tours, Big JT was an awesome player. All in all a great band and well worthy of investigation.

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One of my alltime fav bands! For any who haven't heard them, I would say they have a sound kind of similar to early RUSH's (though BUDGIE is a year older), and the singer has a range and tone much like Geddy's. The songs tend to be hard driving or very soft, with not much in between. Overall the songs are pretty simple, but with many nuances that reward repeated listening. IMO one of the most underrated bands of all time!


I have seen them live several times, and was crushed when they cancelled their summer US tour, due to the passing of DIO and obligations of current guitarist Craig Goldie. Hopefully they will fly over soon :)

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